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Dr. Musa Adeku Ibrahim - Department of Mathematics, Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria - Nigeria

I, Dr. Musa Adeku Ibrahim (formerly known as Dr. A. M. Ibrahim), the Chairman of Mathematical Association of Nigeria (MAN), Kaduna state Chapter, on behalf of the newly constituted Executive of the association thank you all for the successful election.

We shall take this assignment as sacrifice for community development to uplift the status of the Association to an appreciable level.

We plan to embark on the following agenda for MAN Kaduna State Chapter:

  • Develop a comprehensive data list for the association
  • Establish Website for the Association
  • Provides special email address for each member
  • Compile instructional materials as a guide for mathematics competitions
  • Establish collaboration and assistance among the members
  • Have more MMAN, LMAN, and FMAN in Kaduna State
  • Organize Teacher training for teachers in Kaduna State in collaboration with Kaduna State Government
  • Introduce annual activities; annual Dinner get-together etc
  • Institute different types of Awards for honouring some individuals
  • Produce and launch annual calendar for MAN, Kaduna state Chapter
These would give vibrant and robust upliftment to our Association. We can only achieve these objectives through team work and absolute cooperation of all the members. We, therefore solicit your support wholeheartedly.

Thank you.
Chairman. MAN Kaduna State Chapter